Review on Photo Gallery applications for the iPad

Updated August 14, 2011

I have been trying several of the iPad applications that store my pictures.

I’ve made this review on some of the tested ones.

It’s important for me to be able to make subfolders, and to move and copy my pictures.
Even more important is the possibility to import and export pictures using FTP. By using FTP, all I have to do is enter the IP-address given by the application to Explorer on any PC, and I can easily transfer my pictures, without passing iTunes. This makes my workflow a lot easier, and I don’t have to store my pictures in a folder for iTunes to synchronize all the time.
I’ve added MY priority, that is those features that I need for my workflow, ranking 1 as top.
Click on the picture below to see and copy my review.

Please let me know if you are using other applications, that you feel can compare with Photo-Sort or Photo Manager Pro.


1    ”Photos” is the standard picture application on the iPad
2    “Using a projector” means that you can add a projector or external screen, by using the Apple Composite AV-cable
3    EXIF-data 1 is Aperature, Shutterspeed, ISO, Focal length.
4    Uses the folders in the standardapplication: Photos
5    As Private password but gives access to other folders
6    A MobileMe account costs DKr 619 per year.
7    In iTunes. Go to your iPad -> Programs > FileSharing and import the pictures
8    Sort Shots creates ”folders” base don the tags you have given the pictures. All the pictures are stored in the same folder.
9    You must buy an Apple ”Mobile Me” account to use this app. Price Dkr. 619,- per year.
10  Crashes and MANY bugs. Don’t buy. Have asked Apple to remove it from App-store.
11  Can’t show all pictures horizontally, and you can’t scroll down if many folders
12. Requires that you give up your GPS-location for Apple marketing
13. Transfer between iPad, iPhone and iPod

  1. 1. januar 2011 kl. 16:45

    01-01-2011: Updated with corrections on Sortshots. Great to see that some of the guys and girls behind those applications are correcting me, showing me the “hidden” features.

  2. 31. januar 2011 kl. 01:04

    The new version af PhotoSort wants you to allow the application to register your GPS-position. If you don’t allow this feature to store your location, you can’t import pictures from the gallery.
    I don’t know why the app needs these information if not to deliver those to Apple, who then uses these data i.e. in their marketing.
    I’m personally against applications that needs these location information, when it’s not needed for the app. Therefore PhotoSort looses their “points” in my book.
    Furthermore I dislike that they added this feature in their latest update, an application that i paid for! Now, if I don’t accept to let them know my location, I can’t use the applikation.

  3. Lars
    20. september 2011 kl. 17:27

    Have you looked at , which gives you the perfect workflow as a photographer. The program in the current version is only the beginning.

    • 20. september 2011 kl. 20:02

      I have had a look at Photosmith before. It’s a brilliant app, especially if you are using Lightroom. But it lacks many of the features that I want on my iPad. And I prefer ACDSee Pro 4 🙂

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