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Overvejer du at deltage i World Press Photo konkurrencen, så læs her

World Press Photo er nok verdens mest prestige fyldte konkurrence for fotografer.

Fotograf: Paul Hansen

Fotograf: Paul Hansen

Der konkurreres i mange forskellige grupper og ikke kun den klassiske “det bedste aktuelle pressefoto”. Jeg har klippet nedenstående fra deres hjemmeside, og som du kan se er der mange muligheder.

  • General News
    • Pictures (GN) or stories/portfolios (GNS) covering (major) news topics and their aftermaths, in such areas as politics, economics, conflict, social tension, relief and reconstruction work, and crime. All pictures must have been shot in 2013.
  • Spot News
    • Pictures (SN) or stories/portfolios (SNS) witnessing news moments or unfolding events. All pictures must have been shot in 2013.
  • Contemporary Issues
    • Single feature pictures (CI) or stories/portfolios (CIS) documenting issues affecting people’s lives and society today, relating to social, environmental, health, economic, or other such areas.
  • Daily Life
    • Pictures (DL) or stories/portfolios (DLS) that document the extraordinary or unseen in the ordinary, or cast a new perspective on everyday life.
  • People
    • Observed Portraits
      • Pictures (PO) or stories/portfolios (POS) portraying people (groups and individuals), public figures, or celebrities, observed in their environment.
    • Staged Portraits
      • Constructed portraits (PS) or stories/portfolios (PSS) of celebrities, public figures or people (groups and individuals).
  • Nature
    • Pictures (NA) or stories/portfolios (NAS) of wildlife, other aspects of the natural world, or landscapes.
  • Sports
    • Sports Action
      • Single pictures (SA) or portfolios/stories (SAS) capturing defining moments during major sporting events or top-level contests. All pictures must have been shot in 2013.
    • Sports Feature
      • Single pictures (SF) or portfolios/stories (SFS) featuring the variety of ways sports are practiced worldwide, on an amateur or professional level, competitively, or for recreation.

Der har været flere danske vindere igennem tiden.

Formanden for juryen for 2014 Gary Knight giver disse retningslinier til deltagerne:

“I remember when I would enter the World Press Photo Contest as a photographer; I spent a lot of time trying to guess what the jury wanted to see. In my experience as a judge, that doesn’t work and there are at least two reasons why. One reason is because juries like to be surprised. They want to see something new and be intrigued. The other reason is that it’s simply not possible to predict how a jury made up of so many genders, cultures and specializations will vote.

The way I see it, the jury’s selections should be a mirror for the profession. We should reflect what photographers are doing, and photographers should feel free to submit the work that they are proud of. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a massive story about a spectacular event. It might be a really simple story that’s just beautifully told. Don’t be afraid that a subtle, nuanced story from a remote rural area won’t be seen or taken seriously—it will. Think of the jury as curators. We will look at all of the submitted work and choose what we respond to the most. And you never know what that will be, so don’t be afraid to submit something out of the ordinary.

Also, remember these three words: less is more. You can submit up to 12 photos in a story, but I would submit six frames if it makes for a stronger story. I think it’s critical that photographers be concise. There is nothing more tedious for a juror, who will look at 100,000 images or more, than to be presented with work that is thoughtlessly edited or sequenced. Lead the jury with your photos so that they aren’t forced to imagine how it could have been edited.

So if you’re sitting in your studio trying to predict how the judges will vote, you’re wasting your time. My suggestion to every photographer is to submit only your very best work—whatever resonates with you and whatever you think you have done best.

Best of luck to all,

Gary Knight”

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