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50 Reasons not to Date a Photographer

Bloggeren Melly har skrevet denne liste med 50 grunde til man ikke skal date en fotograf.

Må indrømme at der er et par af hendes grunde, som jeg nok bør reflektere over i forhold til min søde kone 🙂

I får et lille uddrag her. Læs resten ved at klikke på dette link.

  • They rather hold their bulky camera, than hold hands with you.
  • On a romantic date, you’ll watch the sun go down and think “Wow this is gorgeous” and they’ll go “mirror lock, tripod, and stop down f/8 at 1/125.”
  • You’ll never be able to enjoy tv, movies, or magazines because they’ll point out all the visual flaws.
  • They like to sit in obscure coffee shop and voyeuristically watch people for great lengths of time.
  • If you’re taking a walk outside and you come across some “interesting light” they will make you sit/stand/pose in public so that they can take a photo.
  • When you think they’re giving you their undivided attention, they’re really wondering how they could fix you with a little Clone Tool and Patch Tool.
  • They like trespassing into old abandoned buildings filled with health hazards.
  • They’ll take you into places that have “culture” as well a high chance of getting mugged.
  • They orgasm every time they learn a new lighting technique.

Kunne du genkende dig selv ?




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