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Are you a real photographer?

Alle der har en mobiltelefon med et hæderligt kamera, kalder sig nu fotografer. Se bare de billeder folk ligger op på Facebook. Så da jeg forleden fik et link til denne side kom jeg så’n til at smile.

Peter Phun opstiller 21 punkter som kan fortælle om du er en RIGTIG fotograf. For ikke at miste noget i oversættelsen, så får i dem her lige på engelsk. Kommenter dem gerne smiley

  1. Your friends have begun to hand you their cameras at social gatherings when they want a good picture taken.
  2. You don’t run out of battery power because you are chimping less.
  3. Your kids have stopped fussing about being photographed because you work faster.
  4. The salesman at your favorite camera store lets you handle the merchandise usually kept locked in the shiny glass display cases.
  5. You understand the difference between bokeh and a flower arrangement.
  6. A gorgeous woman with a digital SLR brushes by you — and you only notice her camera and what kind of lens she has.
  7. You concentrate on the lighting instead of the undergarment when you photograph backlit subjects.
  8. You snicker at the folks in the back row at the concert shooting with an iPhone or a point-and-shoot.
  9. Photo lab workers ask you to complete paperwork to verify that you own the copyright to the pictures you bring in.
  10. Your in-law who’s a pro shares fewer and fewer tips with you.
  11. Other photographers follow you to see where you’re shooting from.
  12. Other photographers ask your opinion about gear when they see you at camera stores.
  13. You realize how inaccurately Hollywood portrays the photographer’s job in the movies.
  14. More and more engaged women want to be your friend.
  15. You stop asking what aperture and shutter speed was used to take a picture.
  16. Fewer people make fun of your torn, tattered but ubiquitous photo vest.
  17. The subjects in your group pictures no longer resemble the hapless victims of a firing squad (everyone against the wall).
  18. You are unashamed to carry a point-and-shoot — even at events crawling with other photographers.
  19. Before you allow yourself to be impressed by that long telephoto, you want to know its widest aperture and whether it has image stabilization.
  20. Your spouse stops asking what FedEx or UPS delivered.
  21. You realize overexposure has to do with how you meter instead of how many Twitter followers you have.
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